The Dragon roller coaster at Hong Kong Ocean Park. Photo: Google Map/N John

Twenty-five riders were trapped for one hour on a roller coaster at Hong Kong Ocean Park on Saturday afternoon.

At 3:49pm, the Dragon roller coaster stopped in the middle of the track and a total of 25 passengers were stuck on the ride in the hot sun until staff helped them get out one by one, news website reported.

No one was injured in the incident. A spokesperson for the amusement park said the ride stopped due to the safety system being activated.

The spokesperson also said that the park has a team of 230 staff to check all its 22 amusement rides and examine the machines on a weekly basis.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory, maximum air temperature was 33 degree Celcius on Sunday.

In June last year, 23 passengers were stuck at the same facility for 40 minutes.

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