Jat's Incline in Kowloon Peak, Kowloon
Photo: Google Maps
Jat's Incline in Kowloon Peak, Kowloon Photo: Google Maps

Four men have been arrested for allegedly trying to extort HK$1 million (US$127,395) from a businessman by threatening to post a nude video of him online. Two other men are still being hunted.

Police said the victim, a financial intermediary with the surname Chow, was contacted by two Hong Kong men in the same profession who offered to introduce him to a business partner at Sai Kung, Oriental Daily reported.

Chow agreed to the meeting, but was suspicious of the men’s motives. He told his girlfriend to call the police if he could not be contacted.

The two men drove Chow in the early hours of Thursday to a location in Kowloon Peak, where three Pakistani men and an Indian man were waiting. They allegedly forced Chow to remove his clothes and took a video, saying it would be posted online unless he paid the ransom.

When Chow refused, he was punched and robbed of HK$2,500 (US$318) in cash and two mobile phones worth the same amount. The two Hong Kong men then left in a Mercedes Benz, while the four South Asians took off in the taxi that carried them to Kowloon Peak.

Chow borrowed a phone from a driver and informed the police, while his girlfriend did likewise when she could not contact him. The taxi was intercepted on Jat’s Incline, a one-way road that drivers need to use when exiting Kowloon Peak.

Four South Asian men aged between 17 and 29 and a 52-year-old Hong Kong taxi driver were arrested. However, the other two men abandoned the Mercedes and fled when they learned of the police operation.

Police said one of the wanted men has short blond hair. The other is aged around 28 to 30, and is 1.7 meters tall with a medium build, Sing Tao Daily reported. They are believed to be triad members and the police said the case might involve a dispute between different gangs. An anti-triad squad from Wong Tai Sin Police Station is investigating.

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