Central, Hong Kong Island
Photo: Google Maps
Central, Hong Kong Island Photo: Google Maps

A man was arrested by police on Monday after a video was taken showing him inappropriately touching several women’s bottoms. The video was filmed on a footbridge outside IFC Mall in Central, Hong Kong Island.

While walking on the footbridge that connects the IFC mall and the Star Ferry pier, the man was filmed touching the bottoms of around ten women, Apple Daily reported.

The video was taken by a passer-by named Ah Nim at around 7pm on Sunday.

Ah Nim said he noticed a man, who wore a striped shirt, a red-black backpack and sunglasses, behaving suspiciously. At the time, Ah Nim reported, the footbridge was not crowded.

He followed the man and saw him reach out his hand and touch around ten women’s bottoms during a 3-minute walk.

YouTube video

After the video surfaced on social media, officers were deployed to the Star Ferry pier in Central, where they found a man whose outfit matched that of the person in the video. They witnessed him wandering on the footbridge and saw him try, but fail, to indecently assault three female pedestrians.

Officers later arrested unemployed Tamang Rabi, a Nepali aged 22, for loitering.

Sing Pao reports that under police questioning, the prisoner admitted to accusations of having molested up to ten women the previous day.

Inspector Fung Yun-wo of District Investigation Team Central is appealing to victims of and witnesses to the crimes to contact the police.

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