Videos posted on social media showed the destruction wreaked by Cyclone Mekunu in Oman. Photo: Facebook

Netizens were stunned by videos circulating on social media over the past week of the destruction of deadly Cyclone Mekunu in Oman, where 49,000 Filipinos live and work.

Last Friday, the storm hit Oman and brought flash floods and strong winds to the country. Videos of the onslaught began circulating online, going viral and shocking netizens.

In videos posted on Facebook, flash floods were seen flowing down a slope near some residential buildings, one of which collapsed. In another video posted on Twitter, a snake was seen making its way through the floodwaters while onlookers stood watch sheltering under roofs of shops and houses.

Oman’s government is preparing for a big clean-up after many buildings and homes were damaged. Volunteers and civil defense workers are clearing waterlogged areas and relief groups are assisting locals affected by the storm, Alaraby reported.

At least 10 people were killed, including a 12-year-old girl, and 40 people were missing because of Cyclone Mekunu. On Sunday, the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that there were no Filipino casualties in Oman.

Ambassador Narciso Castañeda said the cyclone dumped the equivalent of two years’ worth rain on parts of the country on Saturday.

Cyclone Mekunu is the strongest storm ever to hit Oman.