Yuen Long in the New Territories Photo: Google Maps

Police arrested a 17-year-old mother on charges of child abuse after she left her five-month-old twin boys alone in a house in Yuen Long in the New Territories on Tuesday.

Police were called when the twins’ 50-year-old grandmother found her grandsons at home alone in a house in Tung Chan Wai village in Yuen Long’s San Tin, the Oriental Daily reported.

The grandmother said she received a WeChat message from her daughter-in-law in the early hours on Tuesday, asking her to go to the house to take care of the babies because she needed to go to China to look for her 21-year-old husband.

The grandmother refused as she had to work in the morning. At about 7am, the young mother sent her another message saying she had gone to China.

The grandmother immediately went to Yuen Long and found her grandsons at home alone. She called police and a policeman and a policewoman each carried a baby boy each to the North District Hospital for a medical examination.

At 4pm, the mother returned to Hong Kong and turned herself in at the police station. The mainland Chinese woman is a two-way entry permit holder and the couple were married last year, Apple Daily reported.

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