Photo: Reuters / Thomas White
Photo: Reuters / Thomas White

Major US index publisher MSCI plans to add 234 China A-shares to its global and regional indexes on June 1, leading to a concentrated emergence of domestic mutual funds, The Paper reported.

According to statistics from the China Securities Regulatory Commission and Wind, as of Monday, eight fund companies have established nine MSCI index funds on the market.

Out of those nine, six were set up this year, with a total initial fundraising scale of 11.422 billion yuan (US$1.79 billion).

Judging from the three MSCI funds that have been running on the market for more than three years and have medium and long-term performance, the net value performance varies greatly.

The return rate of HuaAn Funds’ MSCI product is as high as 390.24%, while that of China Asset Management’s is only 8.5%.

In addition, a number of mutual funds have also reported 17 products related to the MSCI China A Inclusion Index, of which six have been given the green light.

With the approval of more MSCI index funds in the future, more incremental funds are expected to enter the A-share market.