The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration. Photo: Google Maps

The Philippine government announced that the deployment ban on skilled workers to Kuwait was lifted on Tuesday. However, Rustico Dela Fuente, the Philippine labor attache to Kuwait, said the deployment ban on domestic workers was still in effect and the lifting of the ban only applied to skilled workers, the Arab Times reported.

“We are now preparing everything and we will be ready to accept and process new job orders for skilled and semi-skilled workers as soon as we receive the written order from Manila,” Dela Fuente said.

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration deputy administrator Arnell Ignacio said before the deployment ban on domestic workers is lifted, there are several mechanisms which have to be implemented, Kuwait Times reported.

Ignacio said there should be ‘day-off centers’ for Filipino domestic workers as employers do not allow their domestic workers to leave the house.

“Sponsors said one of the many reasons why they are not allowing their domestic workers to have a day off is because they are afraid they will be befriended by men and will run away,” Ignacio said.

“We’ll try to set up the facilities for domestic workers to enjoy in that particular place, so that once a week they can have a day off,” he said.