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A Malaysian court has sentenced a businessman to 14 years jail and five strokes of the cane for raping his 19-year-old Indonesian maid in Kuala Lumpur.

Sufian Sulaiman, 44, who is a father of six children aged from three to 14, raped the Indonesian domestic worker in his house in Taman Bukit Cheras between 3am and 4am on a day in late July 2016, The Jakarta Post reported.

On Friday at the Sessions Court, Sulaiman was found guilty of raping the domestic worker and sentenced to 14 years in prison and five strokes of the cane.

However, the court agreed to postpone Sulaiman’s sentence pending an appeal filed to the High Court. The court also raised the bail amount from 12,000 ringgit to 25,000 ringgit (US$6,288).

Sulaiman was ordered to report to the nearest police station twice a month and to surrender his passport to the court.

In Malaysia, the maximum penalty for rape is 20 years jail and whipping if convicted.

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