Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai. Photo: Google Maps
Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino maid who works in Dubai has praised her Emirati employers, who stood by her several years ago when she needed surgery she was afraid she could not afford.

Imelda Devera Pacheco, a single mother, said that in 2013, medical examinations at Mediclinic City Hospital in Dubai showed she had stones in her gallbladder, The Filipino Times reported on Wednesday.

Pacheco said she knew the surgery to remove the gallstones would be expensive and she worried that she would not be able to send money back home to her children. The surgery would cost her the equivalent of around 350,000 Philippine pesos, or US$6,700.

However, the couple who employed Pacheco came to her rescue, offering to pay for her surgery. She said other employers would have just told her to take medication, but hers did not think twice about covering her medical expenses.

Pacheco expressed her gratitude toward her employers. She said they did not abandon her at her time of need.