The Labor Tribunal in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps
The Labor Tribunal in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

A mainland Chinese woman who had previously ignored summonses to appear before the Hong Kong Labor Tribunal to settle a dispute involving a Filipino maid who had been forced to work illegally across the border finally showed up on Thursday, and the claim was settled.

Lin Haiyan agreed to pay the HK$21,400 (US$2,725) settlement proposed by Presiding Officer Isabella Chu to Filipino domestic worker Myles A Alfaro, who had asked for HK$112,000 in compensation, reported.

Lin had failed to appear before the tribunal before despite bailiffs being sent to track her down three times.

Chu said that signing up a maid in Hong Kong and then taking her across the border to work was a breach of Hong Kong Immigration rules, therefore a criminal offense.

The tribunal earlier heard that Alfaro had used a visitor visa to travel to the mainland to work for Lin, but overstayed for 20 days. When Lin heard her maid’s visa had expired, she terminated Alfaro’s contract and wanted her to fly back to the Philippines.

Alfaro had asked for HK$112,000 in compensation. Chu deducted the HK$97,492.50 damages Alfaro had claimed and rounded the total to HK$21,400, asking both Lin and Alfaro if that was acceptable.

Chu advised both women that this might be a good chance for the two parties to settle instead of going to a trial. Both parties agreed.

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