The Labour Tribunal in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps
The Labour Tribunal in Hong Kong. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipina domestic worker has filed a report with the Labour Tribunal in Hong Kong seeking compensation from her former employer, who terminated her contract when she overstayed her visa in China.

Domestic worker Myles A. Alfaro is seeking compensation from Lin Haiyan, a mainland businesswoman residing in Hong Kong, for HK$112,000 (US$14,268), reported.

The Filipina went to the mainland to work for Lin and traveled on a visitor visa, but overstayed in China for 20 days. When her employer heard her visa had expired, she terminated Alfaro’s contract and wanted her to fly back to the Philippines.

But Alfaro called her employment agency, which lent her money to buy an air-ticket to Hong Kong.

Alfaro has claimed $630 in arrears in wages, a one-way airfare to Manila of $1,120, a $100 food allowance and $97,492.50 for the unfinished portion of her contract that includes wages in lieu of notice, as well as expenses incurred totaling $12,384.87.

The expenses include items such as the $1,780 air ticket, accommodation in China after her termination and the fine she paid the mainland immigration department.

On Thursday, the employer did not show up for the hearing in the Labour Tribunal but sent her cousin, a Mr Kwok, as her representative. She claimed she could not attend as she was in Sri Lanka for an important business meeting.

Presiding Officer Isabella Chu did not allow Kwok to represent the defendant and asked Kwok to tell the defendant that the tribunal hearing was an equally important meeting that had been set a month earlier.

“It’s not fair to the taxpayer. It’s not just the defendant who is busy, I am busy as well. Digest what I said to you just now: ‘Don’t waste the time of the court, don’t waste the taxpayers’ money’.”

Chu adjourned the hearing until May 10.

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