Filipinos are now allowed visa-free entry to 66 countries. Photos: Google Maps, Wikemedia Commons/Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs

Filipinos are now allowed visa-free entry to 66 countries, according to the latest Henley Passport Index released on Wednesday. The Philippines is 70th in the global rankings, GMA News reported.

This was due to three additional countries allowing visa-free access to the Philippines. The three countries are China, Taiwan and South Korea, making the total number of countries that are visa-free for Filipinos 66.

South Korea temporarily allowed visa-free travel for the Philippines until April due to the 2018 Winter Olympics. China offered visa-free travel to Hainan in April, while Taiwan offered visa-free entry in November last year.

The Philippines is seventh on the list for Southeast Asia. Photo: Henley & Partners Passport Index

Singapore is the best passport visa-wise in Southeast Asia with visa-free entry to 188 countries, followed by Malaysia (180 countries), Brunei (165 countries), Timor Leste (98 countries), Thailand (76 countries) and Indonesia (71 countries).

Japan ranks at the top in the world. Photo: Henley & Partners Passport Index

Japan was first in the global ranking, making it the world’s most powerful passport with visa-free entry to 189 countries.