Taif, Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Taif, Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker in Saudi Arabia has been rescued after accusing her employer’s son of rape and sexual abuse.

The domestic worker, identified only as Jenny, was rescued from her employer’s house in the city of Taif by Saudi police and the Philippine Embassy in Jeddah. She is now staying at a social welfare agency shelter in Taif, GMA News reported.

Jenny said her employer’s son raped her twice over the span of one month. The first time was on her third week of work in Taif, while the second incident happened before Ramadan. Jenny said she was also forced to do lewd acts.

On Sunday, Jenny’s aunt went to the embassy to seek help. Consul General Edgar Badajos said he would do his best to rescue the domestic worker. Badajos coordinated with the police to rescue Jenny.

Jenny’s employer talked to her and asked her what had happened. She said her employer returned her passport and resident permit, then paid her the salary she was owed. The employer reportedly coordinated the ‘rescue’ of Jenny with police and the embassy.

Badajos said Jenny would be repatriated to the Philippines after she allegedly agreed to a settlement – not to file charges against her employer’s son, so she can return home promptly.