Taipa in Macau. Photo: Google Maps
Taipa in Macau. Photo: Google Maps

A 46-year-old Filipino maid in Macau was arrested on May 17 for allegedly filming a young boy in her care having a bath. The domestic worker, who had been employed by a family living in Taipa, Macau, since 2016, was arrested on charges of infringement of privacy, Exmoo News reported.

The case came to light after the 7-year-old boy discovered the maid took a photo of him when he was taking a shower in mid-May. She turned on the ‘video call’ function with a friend and kept filming the boy while he was bathing.

The boy told his mother about the incident afterwards. The mother was angry and after discovering naked photos on the maid’s phone, called police. When police arrived at the apartment, the maid denied filming the boy, but admitted to taking photos.

She claimed she took the photos because the boy had been naughty and scratched her arm. She claimed she wanted to use the photo to threaten him to be a good boy or she would send the photo to his mother.

The maid was sent to the public prosecution office. In Hong Kong, an Indonesian maid was jailed for three months in April for putting a video on social media of three children under her care having a bath.

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