Macau. Photo: Google Maps
Macau. Photo: Google Maps

Macau Judiciary Police arrested a Filipino domestic worker on Monday after she was accused of stealing the equivalent of around US$8,100 in cash from her employer.

A woman told police that her maid had stolen 66,000 patacas in an apartment on Rua da Praia do Manduco, Jornal Do Cidadao reported.

The accused domestic worker has been working for the family of four – a couple and two sons – for three years. She lived in the family’s apartment with them.

The female employer said she had put the cash in an envelope and placed it in a locked drawer in the master bedroom in late April, adding that the key to the drawer was put in a jacket pocket in the same closet.

She told the police that she was the only one who knew where the key was.

At 5pm on Monday, the employer opened the drawer and found that the envelope with the cash inside had disappeared, but the key was still in the jacket pocket.

She suspected that the domestic worker had stolen the money when she cleaned the bedroom.

Judiciary Police arrested the domestic worker and are investigating the case.

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