Shiery Gyle Apostol Ackinserk at the Great Wall of China. Photo: Facebook, Shiery Gyle Apostol Ackinserk

A Filipino woman completed the Great Wall of China Marathon held on Tuesday by running for more than 10 hours. Shiery Gyle Apostol Ackinserk, who hails from Polomolok, South Cotabato province, Mindanao, and is married to a German man, completed the 42-kilometer race in 10 hours, 50 minutes and 16 seconds, GMA News reported.

In a Facebook post, Ackinserk said she was proud of her accomplishment and happy that she had run the marathon on her 31st birthday. She said people waited for her at the finish line and sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

Photo: Facebook, Shiery Gyle Apostol Achinserk

“I had the best and most epic birthday ever!”Ackinserk said in her post.

She received a certificate and a medal for completing the marathon. She has joined several marathons in different countries but considers the Great Wall of China Marathon a special occasion.