Daly City, California. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Daly City, California. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino-American man who lived in Daly City, California, was allegedly shot dead by his fiancee’s former co-worker who had sought to have a relationship with the victim’s lover.

On April 25, Mark Mangaccat, 31, was shot dead in his home’s driveway after he picked up his fiancee Thandel Seinn from work at San Fransisco International Airport. Mangaccat was allegedly shot by Kevin Prasad, 31, a former co-worker of Seinn, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

Mangaccat and Seinn had a three-year-old daughter and had planned to move to Las Vegas, Nevada, and start a new life there. Seinn said she and Prasad had been co-workers and were friends, CBS News reported.

Prasad was allegedly in love with Seinn and wanted to have a romantic relationship with her.

On May 2, Prasad and Donovan Rivera, 25, who was allegedly the getaway driver, were charged with murder.

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