Cyberport in Pokfulam on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps
Cyberport in Pokfulam on Hong Kong Island. Photo: Google Maps

A 55-year-old Filipina maid pleaded guilty in the Eastern Magistrates’ Court on April 18 to one count of theft and was fined HK$2,000.

Rosemarie Sano, a widow and mother of six, was arrested after being caught with goods in her backpack at the Fusion supermarket in Cyberport of Pokfulam on Hong Kong Island on March 27, reported.

The items she stole included a pack of sushi, a box of body lotion, four oranges, a pack of mushrooms, two eggplants, six avocados, a pack of vegetables, two packs of underwear and two packs of socks which were worth a total of more than HK$700.

The manager called police after intercepting her when she tried to leave the supermarket without paying. She was granted bail of HK$1,000.

The duty lawyer representing Sano asked for leniency as she had a clean record and had pleaded guilty to the charge. He added that she was supporting her two daughters and four sons on a monthly salary of HK$7,000.

Judge Peter Law said the value of the goods Sano stole was significant and he imposed a fine of HK$2,000, half of which was to be taken from her bail money.

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