Singapore State Courts. Photo: Google Maps
Singapore State Courts. Photo: Google Maps

A female employer in Singapore was jailed for one month for throwing a mop head at an Indonesian maid that caused swelling on her forehead.

On October 23 last year, employer Zuliana Ode Oge, 42, scolded the domestic worker named Onaya, 32, for not cleaning her bedroom to her satisfaction, InfoGlitz reported.

Oge took a mop and ended up cleaning her bedroom herself. She scolded Onaya for using a vacuum cleaner to clean the bedroom instead of mopping it.

The employer got angry and slammed the mop against the floor, causing the head of the mop to separate from the stick. She then took the mop head and threw it at Onaya, hitting her on the forehead.

Two days after the incident, Onaya called her employment agency and reported the incident. The agency contacted Onaya’s employer to tell her to send the maid back, and later submitted a report to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Onaya’s case was referred to police and she was brought to a hospital for medical assistance. She was found to have a bruise on her forehead.

On Tuesday at the Singapore State Courts, Oge pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three weeks in jail.

Prosecutors sought a six-week sentence but Oge’s legal representative appealed for a three-week sentence instead. Oge also voluntarily paid Onaya S$1,000 (US$745) as compensation.

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