Florian Villondo, a domestic worker in Kuwait, fell into a coma after initially being being diagnosed with influenza. Photos: Facebook, Angelyn Cortes

A Filipino domestic worker in Kuwait has been in a coma for more than three weeks after she came down with a fever in early April. According to a Facebook post by Angelyn Cortes, the maid named Florian Colita Villondo, 40, was taken by her sister Flomay to Mubarak Al Kabeer Hospital in Jabriya at 2am on April 8 after complaining about body aches and a high fever.

According to a report by Pilipino Sa Kuwait, Villondo was given an injection and then discharged.

At 6am, Villondo was sent to the hospital for the second time by a co-worker after she complained that she still had body aches. Villondo was then diagnosed with H1N1 Influenza A. She got another injection and was allowed to go home. The doctors advised her to return to the hospital if her condition did not improve.

On April 9, Villondo was observed to be acting like a child and had difficulty conversing. Her co-worker asked their employer to take her to the hospital but the employer did not allow them to leave, saying that Villondo only needed to rest.

At around 1pm, Villondo seemed not to be in her proper state of mind and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

In Cortes’ post, Flomay said she had been getting confusing reports from the doctors, who said VIllondo may have suffered either from epileptic seizures or meningitis. Cortes said the hospital was unclear about what illness Villondo was suffering from, and the woman  remained in a coma.

On April 28, Cortes posted some pictures of Villondo on Facebook and urged netizens to share her post, calling for help from the sick woman’s family and the Philippine government.

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