The Dubai Court. Photo: Dubai government
The Dubai Court. Photo: Dubai government

A 29-year-old Egyptian manager lost his appeal and will be jailed for three months after failing to overturn his guilty verdict for molesting his Filipina co-worker in Dubai.

In June 2016, the Egyptian manager asked his Filipina co-worker to stay on after working hours to discuss some business issues, Gulf News reported.

After talking about official matters for 15 minutes, the manager moved towards the Filipina and touched her face, neck and shoulder. He then unbuttoned her shirt and groped her.

The Filipina cried and begged the man to stop, but he did not listen to her and continued molesting her until she pushed him away. He also slapped her.

In December last year at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the man pleaded not guilty to molesting the Filipina. However, he was sentenced to three months in jail. He then filed for an appeal.

On Saturday, he lost his appeal and will serve his jail term of three months and will be deported after serving his time.

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