The neighborhood in Dover, Singapore, where the cobra was found. Photo: Google Maps
The neighborhood in Dover, Singapore, where the cobra was found. Photo: Google Maps

A 48-year-old Filipino maid who tried to force a venomous cobra out of her employer’s house in Singapore on Monday, ended up killing the dangerous snake with a broom handle.

Carlos Chua, a 19-year-old full-time national serviceman, was the first member of the family to notice the 50-centimeter-long equatorial spitting cobra that came into their home garden on Monday morning, The New Paper reported.

Chua ordered his family to stay indoors and leashed their 12-year-old beagle dog at a safe spot because the reptile was “acting aggressively” when anything went near it.

But by 8.30am Chua had left for work, and only Mhelyn, the family’s Filipino domestic worker, remained at home.

The maid, who has served the family for 16 years, nervously observed the snake from a distance and saw that it was showing no sign of leaving the home.

Fearing that it could bite her employer when he returned, Mhelyn decided to chase the snake out by wielding a one-meter-long broom handle. However, her action only made the cobra more agitated and it stuck where it was rigidly.

That left her no choice but to repeatedly hit the cobra – until it was dead and had split in two. Then, Mhelyn disposed of the carcass.

According to the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), the snake was an equatorial spitting cobra, also known as a black spitting cobra.

When threatened, the cobra can spray venom from its fangs over a distance of more than a meter, and that could temporarily blind someone if it hit their eyes.

The venom, which is primarily cytotoxins, could even kill a person if it got into the body’s nervous system through a bite.

# People in Singapore are advised to stay calm if they see a dangerous snake like this, and ring the ACRES hotline for a rescue volunteer on +65 9783 7782.

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