Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An Australian woman has gained around 7,000 followers on Instagram due to her username, which means “difficult” in the Indonesian language Bahasa.

Susah and her husband Photo: Instagram

The woman, a graphic designer from Melbourne called Susan, was not aware that her nickname and Instagram username “Susah” means difficult in Bahasa, Suryamalang reported.

Susan joined Instagram in 2011 and after a few years was tagged in many random photos. She asked some followers why she was tagged in their photos, and one user said her name means ‘difficult’ in Bahasa.

She said she tried to set her account on ‘private’ to avoid getting tagged in any more photos, but she kept receiving requests from people in Indonesia. One hour after setting her account on private, she received 20 requests from Indonesian users who wanted to see her photos.

Her Instagram account went viral in Indonesia and currently has 8,635 followers.