Photo: Reuters/China Daily
Photo: Reuters/China Daily

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank will continue to focus on investing projects related to clean energy, renewable energy and sustainable cities such as city railways, said Joachim von Amsberg, vice-president of the bank, reported.

The AIIB will also give priority to projects that promote cross-border and cross-regional connectivity, including areas such as Central Asia and ASEAN.

The third major focus is to attract private sector financing. Amsberg believes the key to success, is to develop a structure that covers a basket of projects in different countries with controllable risks and costs that can attract long-term capital investment from pension funds and insurance companies.

The total investment capital of AIIB is US$100 billion, including US$20 billion paid-in capital and US$80 billion callable capital.

“At present, all of our project financings use the paid-in capital part,” Amsberg said. “Although there is no shortage of funds, considering the sustainability, AIIB will have to attract private sector financing in the future, or issue bonds.”

AIIB has obtained the highest credit ratings from three major international rating agencies, including Moody’s, Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor’s.