US President Donald Trump participates in a celebration of military mothers and spouses at the White House in Washington, U.S., May 9, 2018. Photo: Reuters, Leah Millis

Any self-respecting parents would send the infantile, fat, narcissist with the world’s most bizarre comb-over to bed without any supper. However, as this incurably dysfunctional child currently holds the post of President of the United States, petulant attention-seeking carries terrible ramifications for the world community.

He has decided, unilaterally, to break the international agreement entered with Iran by all of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, Germany and the European Union, which was aimed at preventing the Iranians from developing a nuclear weapon.

There is no evidence that the Iranians were in breach of any of the provisions of the agreement. But this fat controller, as is his wont, broke the agreement because he did not like it.

His checkered litigation history is a graveyard of agreements that he has broken.

One of the cardinal features of civilization is the sanctity of agreements, whether between individuals or states.

Amid all the speculation about the effect on Iran both domestically and internationally of breaking the agreement and the knock-on effect in terms of its trade with other countries, it seems that the most obvious consequence is being overlooked.

If Donald Trump feels that he can trample over international agreements, of what value is his word?

Perhaps it is thought that because the man described as the leader of the free world has consigned truth, integrity and decency to the rubbish bin, it is now open house for anyone to break any agreement for any trumped-up excuse.

How, then, is POTUS’ chubby-cheeked secretary of state going to persuade Kim Jong-un that what his master signs today he will not throw out of the pram tomorrow?

Indeed, how does Chubby Cheeks himself know that he will not be de-twitterated early one morning just as the sun is rising?

Whether you are a Polish construction team, a moonlighting porn star, a KKK Grand Master or a candidate for a degree at Trump University, the fatso with the pink face and red tie that appears to be an extension of his tongue will renege on you.

No prudent parent would allow such infantilism out in the street.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that Iran would face even heavier sanctions if it did not comply with the terms of the agreement that her master had just defenestrated. This White House is replete with self-deluding nincompoops

Ignoring the fact that Iran had kept to its side of the bargain, the ventriloquial doll Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that Iran would face even heavier sanctions if it did not comply with the terms of the agreement that her master had just defenestrated. This White House is replete with self-deluding nincompoops.

The sobering truth is that the United States of America can bully the rest of the world primarily because the US dollar is the major international currency and, as such, all dollar-denominated transactions have to be processed through New York.

This has empowered the US to compel foreign governments to freeze bank accounts, exact billion-dollar fines and impose draconian sanctions on businesses around the world. It commands and exercises powers that are disproportionate to its legitimate authority by virtue of the stranglehold it has on the US dollar lifeline.

It would be fascinating to see what happened if the rest of the world decided to make the pound sterling the dominant currency for all international trade.

Trump’s aim to make himself master of the world by returning the US to an inward-looking, protectionist safe haven for racists and bigots is designed for the greater aggrandizement of this multi-bankrupted bully boy.

Reneging on the Iran nuclear accord panders to the Saudis to whom Trump paid lavish court on his first overseas foray and who represent the major alternative religious focus in the world of Islam.

So, though when he is pandering to his Islamophobic domestic constituency he rails against all Muslims, when it comes to dealing with autocracies he throws his not inconsiderable weight behind the ultra-repressive Wahhabis.

Trump’s inconsistencies and unpredictability make him the worst possible person with whom to engage in any circumstances. The damage that he is wreaking to a world already in generational flux is immeasurable.

For the world to be subjected to the erratic idiosyncrasies of a delusional megalomaniac with a brain the size of a pea and the ego of a dinosaur is a truly frightening prospect.

No one can moderate his excesses, neither the other leaders of great free-world democracies nor the ever-changing Barnum and Bailey sideshow of his close advisers.

Do I hear the words of Henry II in my ear, “Will no one rid me of this troublesome …”?

How about death by a million tweets? Of course, the most cruel and unusual punishment that could ever be inflicted on Trump would be to ignore him completely.

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Neville Sarony

Neville Sarony QC is a noted Hong Kong lawyer with more than 50 years at the Bar.