Merlion, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps
Merlion, Singapore. Photo: Google Maps

As a 40-year-old woman wrote to a Chinese-language newspaper in Singapore complaining of her bitter experience with domestic helpers, a maid agent argued that the conflicts arose because the mother of two had maltreated her employees.

The woman surnamed Liew wrote to Shin Min Daily News that she wanted to hire a domestic helper as she was going to give birth to her second child last December.

With the assistance of an agent surnamed Zhang, Liew hired her first maid last November after paying a S$4,000 (US$3,050) middleman fee.

However, Liew decided that the maid had a bad work attitude, so she filed a request for a new worker. The new maid arrived in February, but her work attitude was not satisfactory either, as she did not take orders seriously, according to the employer.

On March 23, Zhang reportedly paid a visit to Liew’s home and shouted at her daughter rudely as the girl was playing with the maid’s phone secretly. Liew admitted that her child might have done so, but she disapproved of the agent venting anger at her daughter.

On April 2, the agent went to Liew’s home again, insisting on “rescuing” the current maid from the unit, claiming that the employer had been abusive.

The agent told the newspaper that he suspected Liew was giving her domestic helper too much work but too little food, as the maid had lost 4 kilograms in her month and a half of employment. According to the physical examination report, the maid weighed 42kg a year ago.

Liew also allegedly owed the worker S$500 in wages.

The Singaporean police said they had received a report of a dispute regarding the incident.

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