Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong Island
Photo: Google Maps
Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong Island Photo: Google Maps

A woman took more than 100 baby and household products from a department store on Hong Kong Island without paying, but was undone by vigilant police patrols, Eastern Magistrates Court heard.

Tsang Po-ki, a 33-year-old former flight attendant, pleaded guilty to one count of theft from Aeon Style Kornhill department store in Taikoo Shing on December 12, Headline Daily reported.

She admitted having taken 132 baby and household goods, including a thermal mug, electric toothbrush, water filter, clothes hangers, storage bags, blankets, children’s vitamins, bowls and chopsticks, color pencils, milk bottle cleansers, a calendar, 13 bags of diapers, 20 milk bottles, a baby carrier, a thermometer and 10 boxes of Lego.

The stolen items had a combined value of HK$23,000 (US$2,931).

Tsang made three trips to the store, each time putting the goods in a shopping cart and simply taking them out to the parking area. She was caught when patrolling police officers decided that she looked suspicious and discovered the stolen items in her car.

Principal magistrate Peter Law said it was probably the biggest number of stolen items he had encountered in 20 years of presiding over court cases, Apple Daily reported.

Tsang’s lawyer asked the court for leniency, noting that his client had a monthly salary of about HK$20,000 (US$2,549) and faced a huge financial burden after moving to Mid-Levels with her husband so they could create a better life for their two children, aged two and four.

She was living under great pressure and suffered from depression. He said Tsang committed the thefts because she did not know how to handle the stress that she faced.

Psychiatrists and psychologists confirmed that Tsang had difficulties with social links, was depressed and suffered from adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). She was released on bail pending her sentencing on June 6.

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