Yau Tong Station in Kowloon where the incident took place. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A video of a Hong Kong woman repeatedly slapping her boyfriend outside the Yau Tong Mass Transit Railway Station in Kowloon went viral on Friday.

The two-minute-video showed a woman and a man standing in front of exit B2 of Yau Tong Station and the woman repeatedly slapping her boyfriend about 40 times, the Apple Daily reported. By 3pm on Friday, the video had more than 600,000 views.

The woman was yelling at the man in Cantonese, accusing him of inviting 10 women to sleep with him. The man was denying the accusation, but the woman could be seen slapping him repeatedly.

At one stage the man slapped her back once and pulled her hair and told her the police would come if she did not stop. The woman appeared to ignore his plea to stop.

A passer-by who took the video at about 4pm on Thursday said many people were shocked at what they saw, but no one tried to stop them. Police said they had not received any reports about the incident.

A spokesperson for the MTR Corporation said staff at the Yau Tong Station had received a report that a couple were arguing. Some staff members approached the couple and asked them if they needed any assistance after the argument turned physical. The couple then left the station premises.

In 2013, police arrested a 20-year-old local woman for common assault after she was seen slapping her boyfriend 14 times. He was on his knees in a street at the time.

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