US President Donald Trump. Photo: Flickr Commons
US President Donald Trump. Photo: Flickr Commons

On April 10, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the office of President Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and seized documents relating to the money paid to American porn star  Stormy Daniels on behalf of Trump. It was a trivial matter and could have easily been tackled by junior staff at White House, but Trump termed it “an attack on the United States in a true sense.” How can it be that the president of the United States was so easily offended and made a mountain out of a molehill?

A day earlier, ousted FBI director James Comey in an interview with the American Broadcasting Co said that “Trump is not fit to be president of the United States, on moral grounds.” It was a dangerous statement coming from a person like the former director of the FBI. However, some claim that Comey was trying to capture a market for his newly written book.

According to the Brookings Institution, Trump’s staff turnover is the highest of any US president in decades. George W Bush fired 6% of his senior staff as president, Barack Obama carried out a turnover of 9% in the White House, while Trump kicked out 34% during his first year in office alone, and by now the casualty rates of his high aides has climbed to the dreadful figure of 43%. The Trump administration is losing the able and experienced staff so essential for quality inputs in correct decision-making.

Donald Trump, the most egotistic president in the history of the United States, is ruling America and calling the shots in the world to the distaste of many. He has an impulsive nature and fears saying anything at any forum.

The US president while actually seeking the support of Pakistan in countering insurgency in Afghanistan said in his first tweet of 2018, “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools.” His comments were so crude and undiplomatic that even his staunch and sensible supporters found it hard to defend his statecraft.

Despite the vast intelligence resources at the disposal of the United States, Trump is being told that Pakistan has full control over the Afghan Taliban and that the insurgency in Afghanistan could be crushed with the help of Pakistan in a matter of weeks.

I recall the events of the battle of Hue in Vietnam when US military and media were totally distorting facts, claiming quick victory and tarnishing the perception of the American public. Trump’s political managers are so naive and apolitical that they cannot recognize the hidden enmity of India against Pakistan and fail to grasp the actual root cause of insurgency in Afghanistan. I see the US losing on all fronts. Asian countries are also fed up with covert operations, regime changes, and bullying. And ultimately the US under Trump is fast losing its influence in Asia.

The US deep state has overlooked fair play and smeared many popular and noble people around the world. It has brought unjust wars and grief to many parts of the world. As a result, the US today does not stand for its stated values – liberty, justice and human dignity. It is recognized as a hyperpower ever willing to plunder by waging wars.

US Senator Jeff Flake while announcing his retirement from Congress last October remarked that the rise of Trump as head of the Republican Party and president was a moment of reckoning for both. The US deep state/establishment that has brought Trump to power should truly examine its own policies and handling of world affairs. It is the Americans’ acute failing that despite dispersing billions of dollars in aid, the US has failed to emerge as the graceful leader of the world, and American taxpayers are not safe in any country.

Seeing the power dynamics in the US, I am of the view that Trump will remain in power in the United States against all predictions, expectations and hopes. He will not only complete his current tenure but will be re-elected for a second term. He will keep replacing the upright and honest people in the White House with conformists and loyalists. This is the revenge of nature.

After all, the American establishment has been doing this all along in the name of introducing “democracy through regime change” in numerous countries. It is now beginning to an end.

Atta Rasool Malik hails from the semi-tribal areas of Pakistan. He holds an MPhil degree in International Relations from the National Defence University in Islamabad. Apart from horseback riding, his interests include reading and writing about the security of South Asia and the Middle East.

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