Kuwait International Airport. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, dgca.gov.kw
Kuwait International Airport. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, dgca.gov.kw

Two Filipinos were arrested on the weekend for allegedly helping compatriot domestic workers run away from their employers’ homes in Kuwait.

On Sunday morning, Kuwaiti police arrested two Filipino men in the parking lot of the Kuwait International Airport. The police also seized their cars, Federal News Radio reported.

The two men admitted that they had persuaded fellow Filipinos working as maids to leave their employers’ home. It is uncertain what law the men were accused of breaking, but the incident occurred amid tension between the Kuwaiti and Philippine governments.

The arrests came after the Kuwaiti government summoned the Philippine ambassador over comments he made that were reported on local media, Arab Times reported.

Ambassador Renato Villa had been quoted as saying the Philippine Embassy moved in to help abused domestic workers if Kuwaiti authorities failed to respond to a complaint within 24 hours.

National Assembly Speaker Marzouf Al-Ghanim said the actions taken by the embassy were in violation of international law, “particularly the Vienna Convention.”

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