Sharjah Court in the UAE. Photo: Google Maps

Three domestic workers, two Filipinos and an Indian, have been charged with practicing black magic and theft in the United Arab Emirates. The three maids were arrested after their Emirati employer found what she described as materials used for black magic in their room, the Khaleej Times reported.

The female employer called police, who searched the domestic workers’ room. Police retrieved what they claimed were materials used in black magic, although reports did not specify what they were, alcoholic drinks and gold jewelry worth 320,000 dirhams (US$87,134), which the employer claimed belonged to her. One of the maids, however, claimed she owned the jewelry.

At the Sharjah Criminal Court, the Emirati woman testified that the three domestic workers were involved in black magic. She said she did not know about the alcoholic drinks and stolen gold until police searched the room.

During the trial, the domestic workers pleaded not guilty to the charges of practicing black magic, theft and possession of alcoholic beverages.