Kowloon Bay. Photos: Google Maps, ‎Wa Pang‎, OpenCar@Facebook
Kowloon Bay. Photos: Google Maps, ‎Wa Pang‎, OpenCar@Facebook

A terrifying car accident happened on Monday when a taxi almost plunged into a pedestrian tunnel in Kowloon. At 3pm, after the 69-year-old taxi driver refueled at a service station on Kai Fuk Road in Kowloon Bay, he attempted to make a turn but lost control and crashed into the fences of a pedestrian tunnel outside the service station, Metro Daily reported.

video on social media showed that the taxi had flown over the walkway and crashed into a fence on the other side of the tunnel. The taxi was left hanging between the two fences.

flying taxi_Kowloon Bay
Photo: Wa Pang@Facebook

The driver was trapped inside his taxi with head and chest injuries. Firemen rescued him and sent him to United Christian Hospital for treatment.

No pedestrian was hurt during the accident.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident to see if the driver had stepped on the accelerator pedal instead of the brake, or if there was some mechanical malfunction.