Source: Geek+ Global YouTube screen grab
Source: Geek+ Global YouTube screen grab

A three year-old Chinese company has quietly become the largest native supplier of logistics and automation, in what may be a sign of things to come as China plays catchup in the world of robotics.

The success of the firm, Geek+, may portend an end to the dominance of foreign firms in the Chinese automation market, Greg Nichols writes at ZDNet, and the rise of a new global competitor.

It’s all part of Made in China 2025, Beijing’s grand plan to become a leader in high-tech sectors, including robotics.

“In a sector crammed with novel solutions that often fail to connect with customers,” Nichols says, “the only benchmark that matters for robotics startups is units sold. Geek+ has already shipped thousands of its industrial robots to warehouses and logistics centers across Asia.”

“With a full line of flexible robots that automate order fulfillment, material handling, and sorting, and with no slow down in sight to the pace of automation adoption globally, Geek+ is very well-positioned to expand its reach beyond China.”

In short, Geek+ is strong evidence that the 2025 plan is working.