Kwun Tong Bypass, Kowloon. Photo: YouTube
Kwun Tong Bypass, Kowloon. Photo: YouTube

Hong Kong police arrested one man and were hunting for another after a “road rage” video surfaced on social media on Saturday showing two drivers having a fistfight on a busy road in Kowloon’s Kwun Tong area.

At 3:15pm, a 54-year-old man was driving his Mercedes-Benz along the Kuwn Tong Bypass heading toward Kowloon Bay, video from a dashboard camera in a car behind showed.

The video showed the Mercedes change from the middle lane to the right lane and cut in front of a truck. When the luxury car changed back to the middle lane, the truck did the same thing, and the two vehicles collided.

After the vehicles stopped, the two drivers approached each other and got into a fistfight for about a minute while other vehicles drove by.

YouTube video

The altercation ended only when a traffic police officer arrived. It was understood that the two men then drove away without reporting the case to the police.

However, the viral video captured the police’s attention and they investigated the case.

On Saturday night, police arrested the driver of the Mercedes on suspicion of dangerous driving and fighting in public. He was released on bail and ordered to report to Kwun Tong Police Station early next month.

Police were still looking for the truck driver.