The Dubai Court of First Instance where the case is ongoing. Photo: Dubai government

A 30-year-old Pakistani man accused of groping a 31-year-old Filipino paramedic in her apartment in Dubai pleaded not guilty at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

The court heard that in December last year the Pakistani man, who was in charge of renting apartments in a residential building, wanted to show three potential tenants the Filipina’s apartment, Gulf News reported.

After showing the potential tenants the apartment and leaving, the man returned and entered the apartment using his own key. He told the Filipina that he liked her and wanted to touch her and then allegedly groped her chest.

The woman yelled at him and pushed him away, but he allegedly groped her a second time. She ordered the man to leave the apartment and she then told her co-worker about the incident. Her co-worker reported it to police and the man was arrested.

The trial will continue at a later date.

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