A Singaporean employer accused her maid of stealing stacks of cash she found while doing her household chores. Photos: Google Maps, Facebook/Dol Chew

A woman in Singapore has been criticized on social media for “cyberbullying” her Indonesian maid by going online to accuse the domestic worker publicly of theft.

In an April 3 Facebook post that has since been taken down, Dol Chew displayed images and video purporting to show her newly hired maid helping herself to big stacks of cash in various currencies she had found hidden in sanitary pads while cleaning house, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Money in sanitary pads Photo: Facebook

The hidden cash allegedly belonged to Chew, and the employer used the hashtag #maidfromhell to vent her anger.

Some netizens supported Chew, saying everyone who employed a domestic helper ought to conduct checks and monitor their their behavior closely.

However, many others disapproved of the woman making public a personal conflict between her and the worker. They said that if indeed the maid was guilty, Chew should have appealed to the employment agency or taken legal action.

Some also said the maid had a right to tell her side of the story, as some netizens found Chew’s account suspicious.