Discovery Bay, Lantau Island. Photos: Google Maps, iStock
Discovery Bay, Lantau Island. Photos: Google Maps, iStock

Photos that surfaced on social media on Sunday stirred up heated discussion among netizens on how some parents in Hong Kong are too aggressive.

On a Facebook group called “Infant and child’s second-hand goods trading,” a woman posted photos of an Easter egg hunt she had gone to at a beach in Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, and said she it was a miserable experience, Headline Daily reported.

The photos showed adults and kids hunting for Easter eggs on the beach, but the woman compared the environment to a battlefield in Iraq. She said her daughter could not get any eggs, as parents were too aggressive in their efforts to get eggs for their children.

“The crazy mothers rushed to the beach, leaving their children outside to be cared for by their domestic workers,” she said.

The organizers of the two-day event described it as a parent-child activity that cost HK$200 (US$25) per entry pass.

The woman said her daughter did manage to find an egg once but a middle-aged woman grabbed it and walked away. Her daughter cried over the sudden loss. In the end, another woman who witnessed the incident gave the girl three eggs.

Other netizens left comments after viewing the photos, describing the scene as horrible, as if there had been a sandstorm on the beach.