Berlin in Germany where the case was heard. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Bleppo
Germany has suffered a record fall in new orders for manufacturing firms. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Bleppo

In one of the first cases of webcam child sex abuse heard in a German court, a man was sentenced to five and a half years in jail for paying to watch children being sexually abused in the Philippines.

The man, identified by the court only as Martin R, 48, admitted to committing the crime. Over a span of two years, he admitted to paying a woman in the Philippines to abuse her three children and watched the abuse via webcam, Deutsche Welle reported.

Martin R reportedly paid 10,000 euros (US$12,357) to the woman, 3,000 euros of which was payment for abusing the children.

In court, prosecutors presented evidence of pictures and videos of the abuse, as well as chat logs of his exchanges with the woman in the Philippines. The court sentenced him to five and a half years in jail.

Axel Reiter, Martin R’s legal representative, said it was unlikely he would appeal the sentence.

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