Dubai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Iwona Rege
Dubai. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Iwona Rege

A 46-year-old Emirati man has pleaded not guilty to attempted rape of a 26-year-old Filipina accountant in Dubai. The man was accused of attempted rape after he coerced the Filipino jobseeker to get naked in the bedroom of his villa in Dubai.

In January, the 46-year-old man who runs a tourism company was looking to hire an accountant. The Filipina accountant applied for the job and the man told her he would hire her, the Gulf News reported.

The man then drove her around the Burj Khalifa and told her his company was based there. Afterwards, he took her to his villa in Al Rashidya. He told the Filipina he was waiting for other employees to arrive before taking them to their company-provided residence.

When they entered the villa, the man started to make sexual advances to the woman. He allegedly forced her to remove her clothes and attempted to rape her. He also beat her with a stick when she resisted.

The woman managed to escape and reported the incident to police. The man was arrested and accused of attempted rape.

On Sunday at the Dubai Court of First Instance, the man entered a plea of not guilty to the charge. The Filipina testified that the man threatened and beat her as he attempted to rape her.

The trial will continue on May 8 after a lawyer is appointed to defend the man.