Filipino domestic worker Corazon is seeking the Philippine government's help after she was forced to leave her employer's home in Kuwait without being paid compensation for her 14-year service. Photo: Facebook

Forced out of her employer’s house in Kuwait because she was sick, a Filipino domestic worker left empty-handed after 14 years of service.

The woman, identified only as Corazon, had told her employer she wanted to return to the Philippines because of the illness, The Filipino Times reported. But she was offered no money after asking to be compensated for her long service; instead, she was told to get out of the house. Her employers also tried to take her phone and passport.

Corazon convinced a Filipino man she saw outside the house to post a video of her on Facebook, hoping it would get the attention of the Philippine government. She has a plane ticket for Manila, but is seeking government help for her onward flight to Cotabato City.

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