The maid was able to returnto Indonesia with the help of the Indonesian Embassy in London. Photos: Indonesian Embassy

An Indonesian maid, who was forced to work unpaid for an Egyptian family in Saudi Arabia and England for 18 years, has finally returned home.

The 50-year-old maid left Indonesia in 1999 and first worked for an Egyptian family in Saudi Arabia. The family then moved to England in 2001 where she continued to work for them illegally, Tempo reported.

The maid said she was not paid for her work and was was not allowed to contact anyone, including her family in Indonesia. She also worked long hours and was not given days off. She said she was not allowed to leave her employer’s home unless she was accompanied by a member of the family.

Earlier this year, she secretly went to a post office near her employer’s home where she sent a letter to her family, saying she needed help. Her son alerted the Foreign Ministry in Jakarta, which contacted the Indonesian Embassy in London.

On April 5, she was rescued by the embassy and British police and her employer and his family were arrested. The embassy assisted in her repatriation.

She left the UK on Tuesday evening and has been reunited with her family.

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