Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker in Hong Kong says she has learned a costly lesson after lending money to a friend – money the maid herself had borrowed from a finance company – only to have the “friend” fail to pay her back and sticking her with the debt.

The domestic worker named Myra, 49, who works in Sai Kung, needed money to help her aunt pay for her uncle’s medical expenses, as he has cancer, reported.

Myra asked her friend Dalia, who claimed to have an important position at a finance firm, for help. After Myra got a loan, she was asked by Dalia to lend her HK$3,000 (US$380).

Myra said she could only lend her HK$1,000. However, Dalia kept asking Myra for more. Eventually Myra agreed to lend Dalia HK$3,000, on the condition that she would repay her HK$383 per month for 12 months.

Dalia kept to the agreement for a little while, but after making the second monthly payment, she suddenly left Hong Kong, and Myra was stuck with the entire debt.

Last month, Myra found out from Dalia’s cousin that the woman was back in Hong Kong. She sent Dalia a message about the money but was ignored. 

Eventually Myra was able to settle her debt with the finance firm, but she said she had learned a lesson from the incident.

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