Dhahran in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ciacho5
Dhahran in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Ciacho5

A Filipino domestic worker in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, pleaded for help after her employer’s son allegedly tried to rape her.

The domestic worker, identified only as ‘Jane’, said in a video that her employer’s son entered her room and tried to rape her. She ran to the bathroom to escape and started screaming, GMA News reported.

Jane said she sought help from her employment agency and asked her employer to allow her to return to the Philippines. However, the agency told her that she was not allowed to leave until she pays the expenses incurred by her employer.

Jane said she was forced to work for her employer’s relatives, which is not included in her work contract. Her employer also accused her of theft, which Jane denied. She is pleading for help, as she fears for her safety in Saudi Arabia.

According to GMA News, Jane’s case has been reported to the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration and the Department of Foreign Affairs. Jane’s husband is also pleading for his wife to be rescued.

They have vowed to act with embassy officials and agencies in the country.

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