Many maids who are hired to take care of the elderly have to put up with their nagging and complaining. Photo: iStock

A domestic worker in Hong Kong says she has chosen to be patient and stick with her task of caring for a stubborn elderly woman for the sake of her eight-year-old son back home in the Philippines.

Mona, 28, said she it was her job to take care of her female employer’s 87-year-old mother despite the objections of the elderly woman, reported.

Mona said the woman kept complaining that she did not need anyone to take care of her and that the maid would only add to the family’s living expenses. She told her daughter that hiring a full-time domestic worker was a waste of money.

The old lady also prefers to eat leftovers instead of freshly cooked dishes prepared by the domestic worker.

However, despite the woman’s stubbornness, Mona said she felt pity toward her because no one in her family takes care of her. She said the woman was very weak and had difficulty hearing.

Once, Mona said, the elderly woman went out for a walk by herself, but tripped and injured her knee. The woman came home crying and in pain.

Mona said she had decided to endure the nagging and stubbornness of the old lady in order to be able to provide money for her family in the Philippines. She said she would stick with the job until her contract expires in 16 months.

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