Tai Po, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Tai Po, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino domestic worker accidentally bought a fish worth HK$130 (US$17), thinking it would only cost HK$30 ($3.80), as she had trouble communicating with the Chinese saleslady in Hong Kong.

Maricel, 24, who works in Tai Po in the New Territories, misheard the saleslady when she told the maid the  price of the fish, sunwebhk.com reported. When Maricel prepared to hand over HK$50, the saleslady wrote the actual price on a piece of paper – HK$130.

She had not choice but to pay for the fish as it was already descaled. She used up two days’ worth of her food allowance to cover the cost.

Maricel was worried about how her employer would react to her error and could not think straight for the whole day. When he came home that night, she told him what had happened and apologized.

However, her boss did not get angry, and told Maricel not to worry about it. He said he understood that she was still adjusting and learning the language.

Maricel said she was thankful for her kind employers and promised to be more careful when she goes out on her errands.

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