The Eastern Magistrates' Court on Hong Kong Island. Photo: HK Government

An Indonesian maid was jailed for three months on Monday for putting a video on social media of three children under her care having a bath.

Defendant Yuni Kristiani, 28, pleaded guilty in Eastern Magistrates’ Court to obtaining access to a computer with dishonest intent, news website reported.

Her defense lawyer said the defendant underestimated the serious nature of what she had done and admitted she had violated the trust of the family with whom she worked for almost two years.

The incident occurred on December 1 last year when the defendant shot a live video clip of herself on Facebook bathing three children under her care – two boys and a girl aged between five and seven – and prepared them for bed in an apartment in North Point on Hong Kong Island.

The children were naked on the video, and at one point, one of the boys questioned the maid filming them, saying “Don’t film me”.

The defendant was arrested for publishing child pornography but the charged was changed later to obtaining access to a computer with dishonest intent.

Yuni came to Hong Kong in 2016 to do domestic work for the first time. She had a good relationship with the family.

Her former employer wrote a letter to the court to ask for leniency for the maid. Her employer also praised her work performance and said the family had forgiven her, Apple Daily reported.

But Yuni lost her job right after the incident.

The magistrate said the defendant had committed a breach of trust and infringed on the children’s privacy as the video showed them naked and their private parts on camera.

Although the video did not involve any vice activity or money, it was a serious crime, so she received three months in jail.

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