Mei Foo Sun Chuen in Kowloon where the fire broke out. Photo: Google Maps

A 42-year-old Filipina maid and her employer’s family were all sent to hospital after a fire in an apartment in Kowloon’s Mei Foo in the early hours on Thursday.

At 3am, a fire broke out in an apartment on the 19th floor of Block 14 in Mei Foo Shun Chuen where a family of five lived, the Apple Daily reported.

The apartment quickly filled with smoke and people living nearby called authorities. A 55-year-old man surnamed Ho, his 52-year-old wife, their three daughters aged 14 to 22, their maid Johresa and a dog managed to escape.

The family and the domestic worker suffered from smoke inhalation and were sent to hospital for treatment. Firemen spent 15 minutes putting out the blaze and evacuated about 60 residents from the building.

After an initial investigation, firemen believe the fire was caused by a short circuit in a mobile phone charger in the sitting room, Headline Daily reported.

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