Gemma Madera Damuran is seeking the Philippine government's help to rescue her and bring her home. Photos: Facebook

A Filipino domestic worker in Saudi Arabia says her employer has been starving her and forcing her to work in multiple jobs in the homes of her boss’s relatives.

On Sunday, a Facebook post claimed that Gemma Madera Damuran had lost weight because of malnutrition.

According to the post, Damuran, who has been in Saudi Arabia for less than a year, has not been given enough to eat by her employer. She has also been overworked by being farmed out to multiple households of her employer’s relatives, the post claims.

She says she sought help from her employment agency but it claims not to know who she is, saying it does not have any record of her application in its system.

Damuran is seeking the help of the Philippine government to rescue her and to bring her home as soon as possible.

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