Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, haitham alfalah

A Filipino domestic worker claims she is being abused by her employers in Saudi Arabia and that her male employer – a policeman – pointed a gun at her.

Rose (not her real name) said she experienced mistreatment from her employers since she started working for them in June last year, GMA News reported.

Rose claims she was verbally abused and not fed sufficient food. She was also allegedly locked inside her employers’ house and forced to work more than eight hours a day.

She said there was an incident where her male employer, a police officer in Riyadh, pointed a gun at her. Rose feared her life and sought help from her employment agency in the Philippines.

However, the agency refused to believe her and told her to pay 200,000 pesos (US$3,839) if she wants to return to the Philippines.

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is currently looking into Rose’s case.