Discovery Bay, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, HK Arun
Discovery Bay, Hong Kong. Photo: Wikimedia Commons, HK Arun

Five Filipino domestic workers who met and lived together in Hong Kong in 1990 have reconnected with one another with the help of social media.

In 1990, five maids named Zita, Lilia, Merlie, Myla and Sofia lived in a boarding house in Nim Shue Wan village in Discovery Bay, reported. They looked after one another like a family. 

Two years later, Zita, Lilia and Merlie left Hong Kong to find jobs in Japan, while Myla and Sofia stayed in Hong Kong. In 2004, Sofia also left Hong Kong. 

According to Myla, who is the youngest of the five, she only kept in touch with Merlie, who moved to the US many years ago.

Myla, a leader of a Filipino community in Hong Kong, recently took the initiative to reconnect with her four long-lost friends. She found them on Facebook.

The five women now are planning a reunion.

According to media reports, many employers used to rent village houses in Nim Shue Wan for their foreign domestic workers as they did not want them to live in their apartments in Discovery Bay. 

In 2013, Immigration officials arrested six Filipinos in a village house in Nim Shue Wan for violating a law that requires foreign domestic workers to live in their employers’ homes. Human-rights groups have for many years been calling for the live-in requirement to be loosened, but the government has kept it on the books.

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